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How To Book SG Escorts But Still Maintain Your Privacy?

Many gentlemen and business client travelers to Singapore want to make a booking for Singapore escorts, but are also thinking how you can meet them discreetly. This is a common concern among first time clients and customers to Singapore, so here are some tips so you can keep your privacy intact while meeting beautiful Singaporean escorts.
Only use registered escorts agency in Singapore. There are lots of service providers in the form of agencies as well as an independent escort, but if you want to use call girls while keeping your privacy, then it is imperative and utterly essential that you book only legal ones. The reasons for doing this are plentiful.

Firstly, a legal escort website or escort agency will treat every process in their business much more seriously, as they are likely in it for the long term, instead of making some illegal money and then running away later.

Secondly, it is also more likely that a legal independent call girls website or escort agency in Singapore will have some terms and conditions and privacy policy. While a website or company that has a privacy policy may or may not keep to it, you can rest assured that a company or site that does not have it will definitely not keep to it! So do not run the risk, and only make booking with registered escorts when in Singapore.

Thirdly, escort agencies which keeps to legalities in Singapore are more likely to provide you with different options of paying, and the payment will be to legitimate sources, and not a dodgy personal banking account.

Make sure to check out their escort website brand online before committing. Most escorts – both freelance and agency escorts in Singapore have some sort of web presence. Since it literally takes you a few seconds to do a quick brand search for them, you should definitely do that. This is just to make sure that they do not having any unnecessary scathing or bad reviews, which may come back to bite you in future, since most men who want to meet them are businessmen or investors. Most legitimate sites would be mentioned on multiple sites. To keep your reputation make sure to do your due diligence. So make sure that there is nothing that really should not be there.

Every escort and company is different, but most of them will write or WhatsApp the details they require for you to make a booking. Some of these girls require a ton of your data and info before they will meet you, while others require basic details. This usually differs drastically between escorts, so it is important to check with them, and book one which you are comfortable with. A general rule of thumb is that Singapore independent call girls generally require more from you, such as requiring you to contact them through your company email to prove your identity, among many other information they require. While this is not always the case, it is usually the case for most independent Singaporean escorts here. Generally speaking, a SG escort agency requires relatively basic details as opposed to these independents.

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Should Singaporeans Ever Look For A Matchmaker Or Dating Agency?


Many Singaporeans love ‘face’, so they may view things as using a dating agency or matchmaker as embarrassing, and thus not go to them even if they have dating troubles without external help. To prove that, Singapore has been seeing a declining rate of marriage since 2013. It is one thing when they want to remain single. It’s another altogether when they do not want to be single, and want to find the right person but are unable to enter a love relationship. Should Singaporeans who want to enter a good love relationship seek a matchmaking or dating agency in Singapore? For those who are unaware, not all agencies are actually matchmakers. Give this a read if you want a deeper explanation of the different types of companies in SG. For the purpose of our discussion, we are only referring to traditional matchmakers – meaning people who get your details and then manually match you up to someone who fulfils your criteria.

Gender and age has a big part to play in your ultimate decision as to whether you should look for a dating agency.

Firstly, gender may have a part to play in your ultimate decision. if you are in your 20s, and you are a guy, you should probably just go to your office or clubs or whatnot to pick up women. This is because even if you are in your 30s or 40s, you can still use a matchmaker to find a match relatively easily as long as you have a stable career in Singapore, and are mature in thinking. If you are a Singaporean girl in your late twenties, you want to start thinking about finding a professional. The reason for this is because it is far easier to find a match when you are still in your late 20s, versus when you are in your 30s if you want to look for a long term relationship and a potential husband.

Secondly, age also has a part to play. For instance, if you are in your 20s, most normal dating methods will probably still work to a relatively large extent for you in Singapore. However, as you get into your late 30s or 40s, regardless of your gender, it will get exponentially harder to see any kind of dating success. The reason for this is simply because most eligible bachelors may already think that you are at least attached, or perhaps even married and hence not even react to any moves you make, nor take any relationship initiatives. If you are in your 30s or 40s, it is probably an ideal time to look and use a matchmaker’s dating services!

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Benefits Of Applying For A Singapore Permanent Residence

Singapore Changi Airport

Applying for a Singapore PR successfully provides you with lots of benefits. If you have already made up your mind, and want help with application, there is a new but fast growing PR application company – Dream Immigration SG, which has transparent procedures, no hard selling and helps many foreigners apply for a Singapore PR successfully. If looking for a trustworthy immigration agency is a concern of yours, then contact them here.

Here is a list of the most popular benefits that you will get to enjoy with a PR.

First of all, as a PR, you get to enjoy lower medical expenses in the unfortunate event that you will need to visit the doctor or hospital. Singapore also happens to have some of the world’s top medical experts when it comes to quality healthcare providers. Although no one in the right mind wants to be sick, not even with a common cough, one can never be too prepared. There is a reason why even with many other countries having supposedly better healthcare systems, for severe illnesses, these patients still fly to either Singapore or United States, simply because they are among the best.

With a permanent residency yourself, you can easily sponsor an immediate family member for a Long Term Visit Pass, LTVP, or a PR. Other factors still apply, but this is far easier than versus if you are not one yourself. If you intend to get a PR for your children anyway, then you are strongly recommended to apply for one yourself now first. This is because even if your child studies in SG, it does not automatically translate into a PR for him or her in future, as this article further elaborates. Therefore, if you already intend to move the entire family over, then applying and getting your own status approved first and then sponsoring your family is far easier in future.

Just by being a permanent resident in the country, you get access to one of the best passports in the world, ranked second in the world. This is because you can easily travel to most countries around the world without a VISA, and even when VISAs are required for a particular country, it is nearly guaranteed that you will get that approval if you are a PR in SG.

It can sometimes be really difficult to get certain jobs or work at certain companies in SG if you do not hold a PR or citizenship. The reason for that is simply because the company is legally barred from hiring non citizens and PRs. Since this is the case for many companies in SG, you are bypassing that barrier to entry to potentially working at your dream company or job! Also, if both you and another person is applying for the same position and both have similar qualifications, the chances of getting that position for whomever has a PR will be significantly higher. This is because the company that both of you are applying for do not need additional time, effort and money needed to apply for work permits for the new employee or applications whatsoever.

With a Singapore permanent resident status, you still get the flexibility of keeping your current nationality and identity card. You really get the best of both worlds because there is almost no difference in benefits between a citizen and a PR when it comes to our country.

Also, make sure to read our post on the common concerns about the application process as we answer many frequently asked questions in that article as well!

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Common Concerns About Singapore PR Application Process Answered

Singapore Changi Airport Jewel

Many of our blog’s readers are actually foreigners and expats travelling to Singapore and have lots of questions about immigration and migrating to SG. Singapore is a hot spot for foreigners looking to become a permanent resident, and many apply for a Singapore PR yearly to work here as well as to live here. In this post, we go through common concerns by foreigners who are applying for a Singapore PR such as whether your place of studies in the past matters, if changing jobs during the process of applying will affect you negatively, and more.

Since some friends have also been bugging me on this matter, I decided to write this post instead of repeating one by one to them which is a lot of additional work for me. This is just general tips based on my personal past experience as well as what other fellow expat friends who migrated to SG have experienced in the past. For more information, always check out ICA’s website.

Most of my readers are executive expats, as they are also interested in my other posts regarding meeting pretty girls in the country. And one of the biggest concerns that many expat readers of my blog working as an executive in SG ask me is whether they should wait for their PR applications to be approved first before picking up another high paying job, or if they should just do it while they are still applying. If you want the short answer to this question, you should only change jobs during an permanent resident application process if any logical person in your situation will also change careers. For instance, if you are currently a Vice President at a company, and are being headhunted to be the Chief Executive Officer of a reputable business, and the pay is double your current, then most sane human beings in your position would change jobs too. In such a case, most of the times, you can safely change your careers and simply notify ICA of this with some explanatory notes, identity details and evidence. Additionally, the pay is significantly higher and it will help your case in applying for and getting your PR. However, if you are simply changing careers due to job hopping, then that can be seen as a negative factor, and cause your application to be thrown aside and you being seen as a weak candidate by ICA.

Another common concern is whether you had studied in the country before, and if that can help you boost your chances of getting the permanent residency approved. There are two sides to this coin. If you had only studied in the country as a regular student, using it as part of the explanatory notes to help you in applying will only result in a near negligible difference. However, if you were a scholar and were also actively participating in the school’s activities and curriculum, you now stand additional chances over others. Being a scholar always works, as Singapore is an Asian culture country, and the general public tends to look up to scholars, whether or not that is founded. So depending on your situation, you should include it in your explanatory notes.

Some people also ask me if going the investor route will be the best route in getting their PR in Singapore approved. Let me put it this way – the richer you are, and the more over qualified you are, the higher your chances of success. Therefore, if you can afford it, and would like to explore the investor route, it is definitely one of the faster ways to getting your PR versus other methods. Of course, good explanatory notes are still absolutely essential for your application to see success.

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Do Singapore Escorts With True Girlfriend Experience Exist?

Singapore girlfriend experience

So, can money buy you love? In the context of Singapore’s escorts, at least in the case of agencies like SG VIP Escorts, the answer is a resounding yes. At least, temporarily.

If you are on the search for escorts in Singapore with the girlfriend experience, you definitely need to read the following before making a booking!

What is the girlfriend experience?

For those who are unaware, girlfriend experience is basically the experience you get from a girl who is not actually your girlfriend but whom pretends so realistically that she truly is yours that you whole heartedly believe it during the period of time that she does it for.

If you want a further explanation of this GFE, you can simply watch the video below which explains more about it – basically, romantic companionship!

Why is it so rare to find escorts who are able to do this?

If you are not familiar with escort services, you may be deeply surprised that while many escorts and such call girls exist in Singapore, very few of them are able to provide what is known as the above mentioned GFE. Most of them only simply act as a companion, and usually have none or show zero emotions during their work. This is even more evident when it comes to rent a friend services, or new sugar babies also.

However, even in the escort industry, where they are supposed service providers, it is not easy to find girls who are able to do this. Most of them just accompany you for the hour or more that you date them for, and if you have found some in Singapore before in the past, you may realize that many of them are pretty emotionless, and you can literally feel that they cannot care less and just want the money. It can be an incredible turn off.

However, you cannot fully blame them, as it cannot be realistic that these escorts like every single client they meet, and sometimes, they can be in a bad mood, are bad service providers, or perhaps even just lousy at GFE and providing romantic companionship. It can be really difficult for amateur escorts to pretend to truly like their clients and make you feel like you are their real boyfriend if they do not like you.

Where then can you find escorts in Singapore with the GFE?

While not easy to do so, you can try placing your booking for these girls through agencies that clearly advertise this. Not every agency specializes in this, and so if GFE is something that is important to you, make sure that the escort or their agency’s website writes that.

And once you have found a good girl or agency, then you can stick to them!