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Benefits Of Applying For A Singapore Permanent Residence

Singapore Changi Airport

Applying for a Singapore PR successfully provides you with lots of benefits. If you have already made up your mind, and want help with application, there is a new but fast growing PR application company – Dream Immigration SG, which has transparent procedures, no hard selling and helps many foreigners apply for a Singapore PR successfully. If looking for a trustworthy immigration agency is a concern of yours, then contact them here.

Here is a list of the most popular benefits that you will get to enjoy with a PR.

First of all, as a PR, you get to enjoy lower medical expenses in the unfortunate event that you will need to visit the doctor or hospital. Singapore also happens to have some of the world’s top medical experts when it comes to quality healthcare providers. Although no one in the right mind wants to be sick, not even with a common cough, one can never be too prepared. There is a reason why even with many other countries having supposedly better healthcare systems, for severe illnesses, these patients still fly to either Singapore or United States, simply because they are among the best.

With a permanent residency yourself, you can easily sponsor an immediate family member for a Long Term Visit Pass, LTVP, or a PR. Other factors still apply, but this is far easier than versus if you are not one yourself. If you intend to get a PR for your children anyway, then you are strongly recommended to apply for one yourself now first. This is because even if your child studies in SG, it does not automatically translate into a PR for him or her in future, as this article further elaborates. Therefore, if you already intend to move the entire family over, then applying and getting your own status approved first and then sponsoring your family is far easier in future.

Just by being a permanent resident in the country, you get access to one of the best passports in the world, ranked second in the world. This is because you can easily travel to most countries around the world without a VISA, and even when VISAs are required for a particular country, it is nearly guaranteed that you will get that approval if you are a PR in SG.

It can sometimes be really difficult to get certain jobs or work at certain companies in SG if you do not hold a PR or citizenship. The reason for that is simply because the company is legally barred from hiring non citizens and PRs. Since this is the case for many companies in SG, you are bypassing that barrier to entry to potentially working at your dream company or job! Also, if both you and another person is applying for the same position and both have similar qualifications, the chances of getting that position for whomever has a PR will be significantly higher. This is because the company that both of you are applying for do not need additional time, effort and money needed to apply for work permits for the new employee or applications whatsoever.

With a Singapore permanent resident status, you still get the flexibility of keeping your current nationality and identity card. You really get the best of both worlds because there is almost no difference in benefits between a citizen and a PR when it comes to our country.

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