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Do Singapore Escorts With True Girlfriend Experience Exist?

Singapore girlfriend experience

So, can money buy you love? In the context of Singapore’s escorts, at least in the case of agencies like SG VIP Escorts, the answer is a resounding yes. At least, temporarily.

If you are on the search for escorts in Singapore with the girlfriend experience, you definitely need to read the following before making a booking!

What is the girlfriend experience?

For those who are unaware, girlfriend experience is basically the experience you get from a girl who is not actually your girlfriend but whom pretends so realistically that she truly is yours that you whole heartedly believe it during the period of time that she does it for.

If you want a further explanation of this GFE, you can simply watch the video below which explains more about it – basically, romantic companionship!

Why is it so rare to find escorts who are able to do this?

If you are not familiar with escort services, you may be deeply surprised that while many escorts and such call girls exist in Singapore, very few of them are able to provide what is known as the above mentioned GFE. Most of them only simply act as a companion, and usually have none or show zero emotions during their work. This is even more evident when it comes to rent a friend services, or new sugar babies also.

However, even in the escort industry, where they are supposed service providers, it is not easy to find girls who are able to do this. Most of them just accompany you for the hour or more that you date them for, and if you have found some in Singapore before in the past, you may realize that many of them are pretty emotionless, and you can literally feel that they cannot care less and just want the money. It can be an incredible turn off.

However, you cannot fully blame them, as it cannot be realistic that these escorts like every single client they meet, and sometimes, they can be in a bad mood, are bad service providers, or perhaps even just lousy at GFE and providing romantic companionship. It can be really difficult for amateur escorts to pretend to truly like their clients and make you feel like you are their real boyfriend if they do not like you.

Where then can you find escorts in Singapore with the GFE?

While not easy to do so, you can try placing your booking for these girls through agencies that clearly advertise this. Not every agency specializes in this, and so if GFE is something that is important to you, make sure that the escort or their agency’s website writes that.

And once you have found a good girl or agency, then you can stick to them!

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