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Tips For Booking Singapore’s Diverse Social Escorts!

Have you ever landed in Singapore and looked to book an escort? You will quickly and definitely notice that our country definitely has the best and one of the most diverse collections of escort ladies compared to any other places in the world. With Chinese, Malay Eurasian and Indian escorts in Singapore, if this is your first time in SG, you may be spoilt for choice!

Here are some tips for you as a first time customer in SG to navigate our local booking scene!

Avoid independents

Most of the time, you want to avoid independents. This is a big fat warning to you first time customers in Singapore who usually overlook this if you want to be cheap. You will get ripped off if you use cheap freelance girls – they look absolutely nothing like their photos and will refuse to leave if you do not pay them. A big fat warning and disclaimer – good luck you deserve being cheated if you use them.

Use reverse image search

Not sure if a photo is stolen and fake? Simply use Google reverse image search online to see if the supposed photo is actually original or not.

Go straight to the booking and do not waste time to get service

Escort agencies and freelance call girls in Singapore are notorious for rejecting service. This is because there is such a huge influx of foreigners and customers in Singapore, that if you are not a serious customer and go straight to the point and place a booking, they will respond to everyone else except for you.

Finding the right nationality lady

If you want a local Singaporean nationality lady, contact a local agency. If you want a foreign nationality girl, then contact independents. Then again, most independents are using fake photos, so make sure to exercise due caution!

Local SG Indian escorts are relatively fair skin – that is normal

If you noticed, many genuine local Singaporean Indian escorts look somewhat mixed or are fairer in skin tone. If you ask me why, I do not know the answer. However, that is just how it is in our country for the locals.

Chinese local girls make up the bulk of the supply

Chinese locals definitely make up the bulk for the Singaporean escorts, and when it comes to foreigners, it can be truly random with people from all over the world.

Locals do not send face photos – easy indicator if someone is a real local

Locals do not send face photos – if you see one claiming to be a genuine Singaporean lady but shows you her supposed face photos, it is 99% fake. Locals, be it through an agency or a freelance girl do not send full uncensored photos of their facial looks.

Media featured ones are generally relatively safe to book with

If the escort or escorts you are intending to place a booking for is featured in the media, for example this agency interview, they are generally relatively reputable and you can safely book them.

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